Ole Loyatly Highlights


Loyalty Program Highlights

  • $1 spent = 1 point

  • Once 100 pts reached ($100 spent) = $10 redeemable rewards earned

  • After every 500 pts an additional $10 credit is earned

  • Join us on “Double Dip Days” where you’ll earn double points on already discounted happy hour pricing

  • During the month of Jan earn double points on Thursday’s “Build Your Own Burger Night”

  • Join us on your birthday and your first drink is on us!   

  • Additional points can be assigned to specific menu items or themed nights to create targeted incentives

  • Loyalty program cardholders data base can be used for specific marketing

  • Disclaimers-Expiration Date – No Transfer – See Rules and Regulations Page

Gift Card Program

  • Existing card balances will be transitioned on to a new gift card

  • Existing discounted cards will not be eligible for rewards points

  • New Gift Card  Program- Gift Cards can be purchased at face value in increments of $25