Copyright Policy

© 2017 - 2022 Olé at Lely Resort Condominium Association Inc. Naples FL. All rights reserved.

 Access Management may include a page or a notice showing they are the management company for Ole Association. Example: “Proudly managed by Access Residential Management LLC”

 As previously discussed, all work on Ole Website(s) must include specific language in the agreement that includes the term, “Work for Hire” and vests copyright in Olé at Lely Resort Condominium Association Inc.

 Creation of the Olé Condominium Website has been and remains a compilation of existing Olé Association-owned materials, new text and pages by Ole Association employees, plus collective work for hire commissioned by and paid by Ole Association. All content, all text input, forms, designs, layout and intellectual property on the Ole Website is the exclusive property and copyright of Olé at Lely Resort Condominium Association, Inc.

Much of the original content on our Ole at Lely Resort Condominium Association Condominium Association website began with a compilation of documents owned by Ole Association, such as the Map of Ole, the Ole Rules, Declaration, and Calendars for example. All content and text on our Ole Association website was originated by Ole Condominium Association Board or other Ole Association personnel and by Ole Association direct employees. In some cases, the collective work of Ole Website has had additions or designs by work-for-hire-contractors commissioned and paid by the Ole Association. 

In Ole Association’s original assignment to Access Management to compile and develop a community website, we were clear that all copyrights would belong to Olé at Lely Resort Condominium Association Inc. Board of Directors. Our stated objective has long been that Access Management and our consultants are performing Work for Hire and will deliver a complete fully functioning website to Olé at Lely Resort Condominium Association, Inc., complete with copyright and title to all materials. The website creation scope of work includes delivery to Ole Association of all materials, codes, passwords, text, techniques, documentation, instructions, manuals and materials for a fully functioning website and tools for ongoing maintenance of the site in full compliance with all aspects of Florida Condominium Statute 718. The website plan and design shall accommodate maintenance and future page and text additions by Ole Association Board or their designated administrative employees, who are not website designers.

In the event Access Residential Management LLC should not be re-hired, or should be terminated, all keys, code and passwords, and all materials for the complete and functioning Ole website shall be transferred to Olé at Lely Resort Condominium Association, Inc. Board of Directors or their designated representative.  Transfer of Ole website materials must appear seamless in terms of appearance, function and ability to maintain the site or add new pages, items and text.